The correlation between sales and mobile friendly websites

Mobile marketing is the future. Every company marketing sites on the web, or any company on the web, knows that the key to success is adapting and optimizing its activities in the mobile market direction. For the past two years tablets and mobile devices have taken over the trading market, but only few SMBs are taking advantage of the business opportunities in mobile marketing to increase sales.
Here are 6 statistic figures that will dazzle your mind with this emerging mobile market potential…

  1. 75% of Americans were willing to admit they enter the bathroom with a mobile device …
    Most of their time is divided between reading emails, browsing social networking sites and games.
    In Israel we are not far away, as for today:
    74.3% are Internet users,
    54.8% regularly use social networking throughout the month,
    When 99% of the population has mobile browsing coverage.
  2. 4 of 5 consumers purchase through their mobile device – mobile users are buying customers. According to this data, smart companies and retailers are leveraging this data to encourage customers to use mobile devices in their shops (for possible ways of implementation, please contact us by email), increasing sales potential as well as the sales themselves by – 50%.
    Yes, 50%, who can turn down such a figure!
    Various restaurants generally employ similar marketing to anyone who comes in to their Facebook page and leaves a LIKE behind or any other signal, in the form of a free drink or a dessert coupon.

One must realize that searching with a mobile device is not a matter of convenience (screen size, the amount of information that one can condense into one screen, a user’s navigation options, etc.) but of necessity – your customers are looking for you, the question you need to ask yourself is – Are they go to my competition ??!

  1. By the end of 2014, mobile browsing will exceed browsing from stationary devices.
    This figure is based primarily on intentions of different cellular manufacturing companies to lower the cost of mobile devices, as well as the increase of 3G and 4G networks, for mobile browsing, which, when put together revolutionized the way we make use of the Internet.
  2. 70% of searches via mobile devices lead to purchase within 5 minutes.
    The essential difference that has the most influence in this figure is how users are searching.
    When users preform a search through a stationary device, they search out of curiosity and exploration – just like window shopping.
    When they navigate and search through a mobile device they are looking for the most immediate purchase product, whether it is searching for food, clothing or vehicle oil change.
    In order to illustrate: When you stop on the side of the road on your way to the sea, and would like to find some camping equipment such as a parasol or ice, you are searching with a mobile device.
    Usually this need is immediate, so searching through your mobile device usually leads to a purchase!
    Mobile users are BUYERS, if your site provides available and convenient access to you goods.
  3. 40% of Searchers, will move to the next result if the result they are looking at is not mobile friendly.
    Users understand very well that at the tip of their fingers lay many options, so they tend to leave a site that does not provide a seamless user experience for mobile devices.

And to illustrate a possible scenario – we got to the store to purchase some particular product, but we are not satisfied with the quality, this shopping experience has just started, we have to find alternatives, we are at the center of a large shopping mall full of different shops, how will we find where to purchase ??

Another scenario – we’re heading out to beach, we lack only one thing, where can we find it on the way to our destination ??

  1. 78% of Retailers plan to invest still this year in mobile marketing.

And as a final note, in light of these facts, businesses of all sizes need renewal and adaptation of technology techniques for sales and marketing, both in order to maintain the loyalty of existing customers and to acquire new customers using innovative methods.

Accessibility to application tools for consumers through mobile browsing encourages long-term loyalty, and also brings in new ones.

Increasing competition and market changes create new challenges for owners of SMBs.
More and more businesses realize their site is another meaningful front, in front of the consumer, as well as wise advertising and marketing tools.
The ultimate goal is to strengthen the loyalty of existing customers and attract new customers to the business.
Be accessible to customers.

Good Luck


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