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  • Date: 29/07/2013

The Problem

A pet shop has just opened in your neighborhood. They need clientele and we were facing tough existing competition.
We were facing several issues that needed a resolution all together in a course of three months action:

  1. How to create a communal reputation for a new business??
  2. How to create communal recognition as for FAQ??
  3. How to increase sales from zero, for a new business??

Our Solution

After researching the area that the shop wanted to reach & taking into consideration the evidential circumstances:

  • People are emotionally attached to their pets
  • People who own a pet did in most cases adopt it
  • Work with pets for the community is highly appreciated by those who own a pet

We understood that a wide spread campaign throughout different types of media, alongside communal work, would be the answer.
We chose to recruit the local printed media and the local municipalities to help campaign the shop.

  • We setup a well controlled petting corner for children to help those who don’t have a pet get closer to them, and for those who fear pets over come their fear.
  • We setup a volunteer pet adoption agency both in the shop as well as online.

On the web we campaigned the shop on Facebook for the same activities that were taking place at the community level.

Our Result


veryone wanted to come!!! children that came and experienced the petting corner told the petting corner story at school the next day and that brought in even more children dragging their parents behind (lol).
The word spread out! and soon enough we were making business!
The shop grew from 0 to 150 monthly steady buyers within 3 month, and hundreds of visitors (potential buyers/ adopting homes) every month.

People were calling and ordering products, asking questions, help and advise or simply came to see the huge bird cage and petting corner that was setup in the shop.
The shop became a local attraction.
We achieved what we came to do:
We brought the community into the shop instead of trying to get the shop to them.

Improvement / 100%
Speed / 90%
Result / 100%

Social Campaign Images

Part of the process the PetShop and its staff were going through while we were social campaigning the new Petting Corner as well as the Pet Adoption Agency. The process yielded with hands on knowledge & clientele.

* click images to see fullsize.


Social marketing is an approach with a lot of advantages. Perhaps the two most pointed benefits are:
It helps you reach your target audience. Social marketing makes you look at whom you want to influence, and how to sway these people most effectively. And, for this reason,
It works. If the creative, thorough marketing has helped numerous companies make millions of dollars, there is no reason, that well run social marketing campaigns can’t be even more effective, in changing people’s behavior. After all, the benefits of good health (or a clean environment, or an end to date rape) are surely more evident than the benefits of a pair of running shoes.

The management of a social marketing campaign is comprised of four major parts, which can each be broken down in turn:

  • Defining and understanding: the problem, your goals, your target audience, and what they think about the problem
  • Choosing strategies: Brainstorming possible strategies, choosing those which are most appropriate, designing messages, and pretesting your ideas
  • Implementing and evaluating your work
  • Do it all over forever

It will depend quite a bit on your business or organization, of course, but generally speaking…

  • When you are trying to change the behavior of a large number of people.
  • When you are trying to change behavior over a long period of time.
  • When you have the resources necessary to manage a comprehensive effort.

So …

  • How does one go about collecting the necessary information in order to form the correct strategy ??
  • How does one go about choosing the most appropriate strategy ??
  • How does one decide how much time and how many resources to spend on each of the subgroups of the strategy ??

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